Should Your Business Use Social Listening Software?

By Grace on Friday, March, 4th, 2022 in Social Media. No Comments

Social Listening is one of the most valuable marketing strategy tools for your business. If your Metro Atlanta business is not using social listening software, this information is for you. We will cover what it is, how to use it, and how to get it.  What is Social Listening? Social listening tracks different social media […]

Should Your Business Invest in the Metaverse?

By Grace on Friday, February, 4th, 2022 in Octane Blog. No Comments

Meta, the rebranded company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp announced they are introducing 3D avatars. So, what’s the big deal about the new 3D Facebook avatars? Is this technology useful for your company? Here is what you need to know as a small to midsize business:   What is the metaverse? This technology is […]

What marketing trends can your business expect for 2022? 

By Grace on Monday, January, 10th, 2022 in Marketing. No Comments

The past two years, 2020 and 2021, have completely reshaped the online marketplace. The global pandemic made people dependent on ecommerce much more quickly than most experts anticipated. But we are only now beginning to get a full picture of what those shifts in behavior mean for customers. Here are a few things we think […]

Should Your Business Use Messaging Apps?

By Grace on Monday, December, 6th, 2021 in Octane Blog. No Comments

Social messaging apps are one of the most utilized tools on the web. According to Gartner, messaging will account for 60% of customer service engagements by 2023. Your small to midsize business can use this powerful tool to improve your customer service. Here are some tips to help you get started: Choose a few platforms […]

Improving Your Business SEO through Third-Party Reviews

By Grace on Wednesday, September, 1st, 2021 in SEO. No Comments

Third-party reviews are an extremely powerful component to improving the online presence of your local business. Third-party review content and volume are big factors in SEO, or search engine optimization. Here are some ideas for how to improve your third-party review strategy: Increase review volume. Ask customers who interact with your company to write an […]

Marketing Lessons We Learned in the Pandemic

By Grace on Tuesday, August, 3rd, 2021 in Marketing. No Comments

As news about the COVID19 Delta variant continues to develop, there are many unknowns. But, after over a year of living with this virus among us, it is safe to say we have already learned a lot. As business owners, you might be understandably concerned about how this new wave will affect you and your […]

Should Your Small Business Use Affiliate Marketing?

By Grace on Tuesday, July, 13th, 2021 in Marketing,Octane Blog. No Comments

Affiliate Marketing is growing in social media marketing. The truth is, it’s a new spin on an old idea: that ordinary people are the best people to spread the news about your business. In the old days, businesses offered referral discounts to avid customers. The new spin? Social media gives referral marketing new power. And, […]

Should Your Business Weigh In on Cultural Moments?

By Grace on Monday, June, 7th, 2021 in Social Media. No Comments

If you spend time on social media, you know that there are often trends that become cultural moments. They can be serious or fun, controversial or just plain funny. Sometimes it is a news or sporting event. Other times it is a surprise hit on Netflix or a snafu from a famous person or brand. […]

Does Your Small Business Have a Unified Brand?

By Grace on Tuesday, May, 4th, 2021 in Design. No Comments

Visual brand unity can often be overlooked in small business marketing. But it should be one of the guiding tenets of your marketing strategy. Here’s why. What is visual brand unity? Visual brand unity is like short-hand. It helps communicate your company identity at a quick glance. It is using similar fonts, colors, visuals and […]

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