Is Direct Mail Marketing a Thing of the Past?

By Grace on Wednesday, June, 7th, 2023 in Octane Blog. No Comments

Marketing has made a major shift to online and social media strategies over the past decade. And for good reason — that is the way most people communicate and consume now. But tried and true methods like direct mail are still an effective way to reach people. Here is what we think you should think […]

Does Your Small Business Have a Unified Brand?

By Grace on Tuesday, May, 4th, 2021 in Design. No Comments

Visual brand unity can often be overlooked in small business marketing. But it should be one of the guiding tenets of your marketing strategy. Here’s why. What is visual brand unity? Visual brand unity is like short-hand. It helps communicate your company identity at a quick glance. It is using similar fonts, colors, visuals and […]

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