Meet Our Art Director

If you are one of our clients, then you already know our Art Director Mitchell Knight. That is because he works closely with our clients to establish a look and feel for their brand. He designs everything from company logos (his favorite) to full websites. This creative process requires a lot of client involvement. He takes into account all of the various goals, requirements and constraints for their individual company.

A Small Businesses Connection

Mitchell has a personal connection to our clients too, “My father was a small business owner. So, I saw the dedication required to start and run your own successful small business.” He wants to help other people do the same thing. He says his priority is to help his clients challenge themselves, “It takes bold ideas and action to win over consumers.”

A Lifelong Passion for Design

He has always been interested in design… Mitchell wrote his first line of code in elementary school! By middle school, he learned to build his own websites and design graphics for them. “I was lucky enough to find my passion early in life. And, it continues to this day.” Mitchell went to school for Graphic Design at Northwest College in Wyoming. In some of his previous jobs, he drew maps for a Wyoming travel book and designed consumer packaging for The Coca-Cola Company.

Outside of Design

Mitchell is also married to a designer. He and his wife started dating in college. He lived in Montana. She lived in Wyoming. So naturally, they got married in Key West and moved to Georgia, where Mitchell grew up. He and his wife have a nine year old son and two year old daughter. Mitchell loves being outdoors: skateboarding, snowboarding, hiking, and more. These days, you may find him kayaking around Woodstock and Acworth.