2024 the Year Your Small Business Implements an AI Strategy? 

It seems like everywhere you turn, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing. As you begin to research how AI can enhance your company’s performance, marketing and research, we have a list of a few do’s and don’ts. Don’t Ignore AI. We get it. The world of artificial intelligence is intimidating. Some are afraid … Read more

LinkedIn Strategies

LinkedIn is an important part of a business social media strategy. Even though it may not get as much attention as Facebook and other social media outlets, it has many benefits that should make it a marketing opportunity. Why? Three big reasons. If you are interested in beginning or boosting your LinkedIn presence for your … Read more

Should Your Small Business Learn about Generation Z?

Generation Z is the newest generation entering the consumer market. And if you own a small business, you might already know that it pays to get to know them! Not only do they have growing buying power and interest in new products, but they are also great at influencing what their parents purchase.  So here’s … Read more

How to Optimize Your Business Website for Visual Search

Google made some big changes to the search engine recently.  Will the changes affect how your business operates online? One of the big changes is Google Lens, which allows people to search using screenshots and photos. It is part of how online search is evolving. And is a great opportunity to gain more organic traffic from … Read more

Is Clubhouse the Key to Your Social Media Strategy?

If you are looking for a new way for your small business to interact with customers in a meaningful way – take a look at Clubhouse.  What is it? Clubhouse is a relatively new and growing app that utilizes a simple medium – audio. Think of it as an online version of talk-radio. Only, anyone … Read more

Is Your Small Business Ready for Google Analytics 4?

A reprieve for small business owners making the switch to the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Google has moved back the sunset date for its previous product, Google Universal. But, if you are handling the marketing at your small to midsize business, it is time to start making the shift to GA4. While you still … Read more

Should Business Leaders Make Political Statements?

Does it seem like lately more and more companies are publicly taking sides in political debates? We think so too. Many business leaders have been weighing in on their political opinions in very public ways. And often, these public statements have both positive and negative reactions from the public. So, if you are a small … Read more

Marketing in a Downturn

Right now, slower economic growth, rising inflation, and increasing interest rates, means there is no question that there is uncertainty in the US Economy. We know that uncertainty can create fear for some business owners and we understand! But, economic shifts can also be great opportunities for refocus. Here are some suggestions we have for … Read more