In Online Marketing, Email Is Still King

While the focus in online marketing has certainly shifted toward social media… email is still king! Social media use is growing fast. It is a marketing medium that cannot be ignored.  But, here are 5 reasons why we think you should stick with email too:

More people have it.

It is true that social media users increased by over 300 million last year. But in most cases, in order to have a social media account, you need an email address. While social platforms are growing, email still has more overall users.

It is more personal and direct.

You can personalize your emails based on your customer categories, previous purchases and your business promotions. You know who is receiving your information. Social media casts a wider, less organized net.

Feedback is immediate.

You can easily track what emails are getting the best response and what people are interested in by sending variations of an email to different customers and then tracking the response.

People expect to get emails from businesses.

This is big. Most consumers expect to get offers and promotions from companies who have gathered their email address. Your customers check and search their inboxes for deals and company information. While on social media, your ads may seem like an interruption. On email, they are received with expectation.

The return on investment is undeniable.

According to one study, the average return on investment for an email is 122% – which is higher than all other forms of print and online marketing. Email is generally less expensive than social media marketing, because it does not require as much unique, creative content.

Great news! you do not have to be exclusive to social media or email. In fact, you shouldn’t be! Octane can help you engage your customers both through email and social media.