Five Reasons Why You Should Be Marketing With Video

Video is one of the most effective online marketing strategies for any size business. It is a great way to boost your brand visibility on search engines – or optimize your website for search engines (SEO.)

Here are our five reasons why your business should market with video:

  1. Volume – People are watching videos online more than ever. There are close to two billion people watching YouTube every month (Business Insider.) And that stat does not include videos uploaded to Facebook and other social media platforms. For a share of these viewers, you need business related content on your website.
  2. Time – Videos attract and hold the attention of potential customers. People spend 88% percent more time on a website that has video on it (Forbes.) This is an important factor for your website in search engine algorithms. Your website rises to the top when more people stay on your page for a longer time.
  3. Edge – Video is more difficult to create, but much easier to consume. Creating a quality video takes time, so your investment may give you a chance to beat out competitors who have not yet begun creating the type of content consumers want.
  4. Authenticity – Studies have shown that online users crave authenticity. And video gives you a chance to give them a better glimpse into your company. Showing your face, your place of business, your daily activities, as well as offering tips related to your business, can be a powerful way to connect with new customers.
  5. ROI – All of these reasons add up to a great return on investment. Videos take a little time. But, in the end they will attract more customers than many other online strategies.

If you are interested in creating content to improve the online brand for your local small to mid-size business, The Octane Agency can help.