Five Ways to Optimize Your Online Brand

Creating a recognizable brand is key to online marketing. It requires intentionality on your online and social media platforms.

Here are Octane’s four tips for forming your brand:

1. Know yourself

What is your company culture? Are you a fun-loving company? Homey and dependable? Serious and professional? Your online voice should reflect the good or service you provide. For example: if you are a corporate lawyer, you may not be sharing funny videos… but if you own a restaurant, you may have a more jovial vibe.

2. Know your community

Small to mid-size businesses can have a powerful voice by tending to their online community as they would their neighbors. Post about local concerns, events and news can keep customers returning to your page.

3. Be consistent

The images on your platforms will be most powerful if they falls into a similar theme. Colors, photo filters and logos should be uniform in your online and analog presence. In other words, your letterhead and your profile photo should be recognizably similar. You also want to find a consistent in the content you develop and share: Do you want to inspire? Entertain? Inform?

4. Stay active

The more content you can manage to post and share, the more opportunities you will have to interact with your customer base. The online world moves fast and if you are not interacting with it, your followers will miss your presence and forget about your products/services.

5. Be real

The thing that social media users crave the most is authenticity. They want to know when a real customer likes your business. They want to see the employees that make up your company.

If you are a business owner, we know you have a lot on your plate. And online marketing can be an overwhelming task. Octane can help you craft your message and make your online message work for your business.