Will Voice Search Change Your Marketing Strategy?

If new statistics are correct, you probably spoke with Siri, Alexa, Google Home, Cortana or another voice assistant recently. As a local Atlanta business owner, could voice search technology affect your online marketing strategy?

Voice search is probably the way of the future. And Octane can help you optimize your website for voice technology.

New studies suggest a growing number of people interact with technology in conversation, instead of text. They use phones, computers, smart speakers, TV remotes and other devices to interact with voice assistant technology.  And this is going to change the landscape of online marketing.

For a little perspective, in a 2018 PwC study, 90% of those surveyed were aware of voice technology and 72% of those have used it. Also, more than 57% of people who have a voice assistant use it once or more per day (Source: PwC.)

Voice search is growing rapidly. So, it is important to find ways to optimize your business website now. Here are three ways to increase voice search traffic online:

  1. Write like people talk. Voice search is changing search language. Instead of searchinh “iPhone 11 reviews,” people ask, “Hey Siri, can you tell me what people are saying about the new iPhone?” So, the voice assistant is programmed to answer in a short, conversational manner. Make your website use that same voice so it can be easily accessed by voice assistants.
  2. Focus on location – Most questions are related to location. So, include information on your website related to your local business, where you offer unique content.
  3. Highlight important content – Include short, conversational “snippets” of information in prominent places on your web page. Voice assitants can easily access this information and offer it to users.

Voice search is the new, uncharted territory of online marketing. And Octane is dedicated to helping local businesses in Metro Atlanta navigate it.