Is Your Business Blog Working?

You can drive customers to your website by providing information your customers are searching online. That is why content blogs are such an important part of your company’s website. If you want to show up in searches – so your website needs blogs for SEO, search engine optimization.

Here are five important components of a good content blog for SEO:

  1. Use Keywords – Choose a topic that is relevant to your business and something that you think your customers would be searching online. Instead of trying to fit a lot of different topics in each blog post, you should focus on one or two specific keywords that can be found in keyword searches. (Can you find the keywords in this blog?)
  2. Use simple, clear language – There are two reasons to be sure your blog is readable. First, search engines reward well-written, accessible language. Secondly, you want to keep your customers on your page once they have landed there. If they can easily read your information, they will be more likely to stick around and read more.
  3. Give the blog good structure – Your content blog should be well organized and easy to read. Divide the content into paragraphs, use headings, and be sure to give a clear introduction and conclusion. These components create a good experience once the customer lands on your page – and a good experience will be more likely to keep them there.
  4. Post regularly – The more posts you have on your blog, the more searchable content you will have. Take time to curate good, clear, relevant content. A stagnant blog will not get hits from search engines
  5. Include links – This is another way to give your readers a good experience. You want them to stick around on your website, so providing links to other articles or pages on your website will make that easy for them.

Blogging takes time. So does running a business. We can help.