Should Your Business Weigh In on Cultural Moments?

If you spend time on social media, you know that there are often trends that become cultural moments. They can be serious or fun, controversial or just plain funny. Sometimes it is a news or sporting event. Other times it is a surprise hit on Netflix or a snafu from a famous person or brand. The common thread is that these events cause a stir on social media. They are searched, mocked, reposted and responded to at a rapid pace. 

Sometimes, these moments give your company an opportunity to weigh in. But, if you want to join the conversation on cultural moments, here are a few tips:

Know and clearly articulate your company identity. 

You probably spend a lot of time honing your brand. And, that is key to understanding how and when your company should jump in a trending conversation online. It will also give you an idea of how to respond. So, if your company has a tongue-in-cheek online presence, and your product or service is something fun, you might make jokes.  For example, an online ad created by Ryan Reynolds’ marketing team, Maximum Effort, responded to a cultural moment. After a global backlash about a Peloton commercial, they created a gin commercial poking fun at the ad and the outrage. 

Identify cultural moments that resonate with your potential clients. 

This awareness requires that you are active and observant on social media. So, pay attention to what your followers are saying and post often. That gives you ideas for how to engage in specific trends. And it helps you catch what is trending online. Stay up to date on news and cultural events. Also, checking Google Trends and trending hashtags on Twitter can also help you identify the dominant conversations online.

An effective social media presence takes time, skill and cultural awareness. Octane can help you increase and improve and hone your voice.