Does Your Small Business Have a Unified Brand?

Visual brand unity can often be overlooked in small business marketing. But it should be one of the guiding tenets of your marketing strategy. Here’s why.

What is visual brand unity?

Visual brand unity is like short-hand. It helps communicate your company identity at a quick glance. It is using similar fonts, colors, visuals and concepts across all platforms. And, it gives viewers cues so that they recognize your company ads, posts and printing materials. Before they read your company name. 

The first step.

So, if this sounds like something your company needs to improve – how do you get started? Well, each company has a unique identity. This is based on your company leadership, strategic goals, product design, customer interest, and your target market. The first step is to clearly state your company identity. Then you can begin to conceive of the messaging and visual components that support that identity. 

Making your identity a visual thing.

A clear brand identity will inform the decisions you make about your visual presence. That includes websites, social media, signage, emails and printing materials. And, it will help you select color schemes, fonts, graphics, logos, and stage photographs. Also, it will inform the language you use about your company. 

Research similar companies to your own. You may notice that environmental groups often use natural colors such as green and blue. Or, a luxury brand that uses a stark minimalist design. 

Why is visual brand unity important?

Visual brand unity leaves an impression on your customers. It creates continuity and familiarity. It also endears your customers through a consistent experience with your company. A visually consistent website eliminates confusion.  And, it allows for a seamless interaction with your customers. 

How do you tell if your company has great visual unity?

Take an assessment of your website, your social media pages, and your physical marketing materials. On your website, is your logo visible on every page? Is your wording consistent? Do the colors align? On your social media, are the colors, hues, fonts and photographs consistent? And, does everything from your printing materials to your employee uniforms seem to go together?

If you want to improve what you are communicating about your company, Octane can help you find your voice, unify your message and share it with your customers.