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Can a Lack of Reviews Kill Your Business?

“Octane made getting Google reviews a breeze. Prior to their solution we had a manual and tedious way of attempting to get Google Reviews. Now it seems like 4 & 5 star Google reviews come in every week. And we don’t have to solicit our clients!”

Gulf Shores Vacation Management Company 

You’re busy. Running down a customer’s information, formulating a review request, sending them a link. 

And then following up in a few days if they don’t do it.

That’s a lot of places the ball can get dropped.

A good online reputation takes work. Even for the most successful small business. And, online reviews are a huge part of your online reputation. No matter how great your products and customer service, you are bound to have an unhappy customer here and there. So, the best way to manage your reputation is to consistently get Google reviews from your satisfied customers. 

Case Study

Client, a successful vacation condo management company in Gulf Shores, came to Octane with a dilemma. Hundreds of people every week stayed in their condos in Orange Beach and had a great time. Most were happy, but chasing after them to get reviews was TIME CONSUMING and honestly, was barely happening.

Unfortunately, they were averaging 5-10 reviews a year.

However with Octane’s new review soliciting system they went from 11 reviews in 2019 to 49 in 2020 and in 2021 they had 106 reviews! 

The Customer Experience

A professional branded review requests land in their inbox or phone soon after engagement with the business. Studies show a higher conversion rate if the request is soon after the positive experience.

The Process

Octane fits to the clients needs. We use different ways to streamline the review process. In some cases we connect an integrated automatic system, so that the emails and texts directly from their CMS. For some they prefer to send batches of client info once a week.

What’s The Difference?

For most, it’s a few taps and they are done, simple to complete from a phone or computer.  

Ready To Learn More? 

Managing your business reputation online does not have to be time consuming or tedious. Octane’s custom review software can streamline the process, so business owners can focus on giving customers a great experience!