Heat Up Your Small Business Marketing This Summer

It might be hot, but you can still make the most of it with some cool marketing projects this month! Summer is a great time for a small business marketing campaign.

Here are four of our favorite summer marketing ideas.

Get Involved in a Community Event.

Your town is probably having a 4th of July celebration, a summer festival, a charity event, or a back-to-school bash. These are major opportunities for exposure. Sponsoring the event is an inexpensive way to get your company logo in print all over town. Creating a great booth allows you to interact with potential customers face to face. These are all ways to generate some summertime positivity toward your brand!

Summer Memes and Hashtags.

There are always great memes and video trends that circulate when it gets hot outside. Find a good one and make it personal to your business when you share it on social media. And be sure to use a punny summer hashtag and some popular ones to drive more eyes to your post!. Something like this: #seastheday #summer #yeahbuoy #vitaminsea #nature #summernights #summertime

Email Campaigns Still Win Summer.

Marketing has evolved so much over the past 20 years. But, one thing has not changed. A great email marketing campaign still has a great return on investment. Reach out to your customers this summer, but make it as personalized as possible! 

Audit your social media performance.

2022 is halfway over, how is your social media presence doing? Have your number of followers increased? Are your posts getting likes and comments? Do you have mostly great reviews? 

If your social media presence is not where you want it to be, Octane can help you grow your follower base, post great like-able content, and increase your positive review base. Contact us to find out how!