Is Clubhouse the Key to Your Social Media Strategy?

If you are looking for a new way for your small business to interact with customers in a meaningful way – take a look at Clubhouse. 

What is it?

Clubhouse is a relatively new and growing app that utilizes a simple medium – audio. Think of it as an online version of talk-radio. Only, anyone with an account can start a “broadcast.” You could also think of it as a conference call for a broad group of people interested in a specific topic. Or, as a really low-key, live podcast.

The concept combines specialization of old-school chat rooms or sites like reddit and the new trend toward hands-free media. Users can drop-in anytime to listen in on conversations on specific topics in what the app calls “Rooms.” Users can also interact with the people hosting the Rooms by asking questions or offering their own thoughts. It has become a really popular way for people to discuss politics and global issues. 

Should Your Business Dive In?

We think this app has a lot of potential for small and midsize businesses. Especially if you are considered an expert in your field. You can create an opportunity for current and potential customers to listen in and ask questions about specific topics. Because it is newer than other popular social media apps, you could start on the ground floor and create some great buzz around your brand. It is one of the top downloaded apps this year, so there is definitely lots of potential for growth. We also think it is a great opportunity for authentic interaction between companies and customers. 

Are there any downsides?

The major downside, one we hope the app creators are currently working on, is that users cannot search by topic. That means, at this point, your customers would have to know your Clubhouse handle to find your Club or profile. Also, because it is live, it will be less polished and more off-the-cuff.  This may be good if you are a practiced public speaker, but it may not make everyone shine.

Diving into social media can be a time-consuming project for your small business. If you want help creating a social media marketing strategy, Octane can help.