Is Your Small Business Ready for Google Analytics 4?

A reprieve for small business owners making the switch to the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Google has moved back the sunset date for its previous product, Google Universal.

But, if you are handling the marketing at your small to midsize business, it is time to start making the shift to GA4. While you still have time to make the transition, it is much more complex. And this new platform is going to be more useful as the world of data-tracking evolves.

Google moved back the original sunset date for Google Universal Analytics to July 2024. Originally it was set to go dark in October 2023. This is good for current Universal users because GA4 is different. And it will take time to make the shift.

What is different about GA4? And how will it change how your company analyzes digital marketing data? 

  • Synchronization – GA4 tracks user movements across different devices and interfaces. It unifies customer actions within apps and on websites. 
  • More capabilities for capturing/analyzing data – Universal Analytics uses cookies to track data points. GA4 will also use cookies, but factor in data from other sources, including customers who opt in to personalized ads on Google. 
  • AI integration – The other big difference is that Google will employ AI technology to gain a more robust picture of customer behavior.

GA4 can do a lot more than Google Universal, but your company will have to dig in and learn how to use it. And you have less than two years to make it work for your company.

Google is encouraging companies to use the two products side by side, so you can see what is different. And you have time to see how the data translates differently in GA4. 

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