LinkedIn Strategies

LinkedIn is an important part of a business social media strategy. Even though it may not get as much attention as Facebook and other social media outlets, it has many benefits that should make it a marketing opportunity. Why?

Three big reasons.

  • There are a lot of LinkedIn users that do not spend much time on other social media sites. 
  • It is a great way to build your professional brand, especially if your company is involved in business to business sales. 
  • It can also be a way to attract new talent to your small business team.

If you are interested in beginning or boosting your LinkedIn presence for your small to mid-size local business, here are a few tips.

Focus on your business profile.

Ensure that your business is accurately portrayed and explained. If any employee has listed your business as a place of employment, your business already has a presence on the site. It is important that your company manage what others can see. And ensure that the page gives pertinent information about your company. This includes posting achievements, listing awards, and writing positive and inspiring stories about your company and your employees

Create high quality content.

The LinkedIn algorithm heavily favors attractive and informative articles. You can think of this as the serious side of social media. Instead of short videos of dancing pandas, you’ll find articles about trending topics that thought-leaders are discussing in their communities, useful information about management, and business success and advice.

Stay active. 

In addition to posting your own content, your business can share interesting articles written about your industry, congratulate employees on important achievements, join groups that provide networking opportunities and purchase ads that can boost your presence on the outlet. 

If you think your company needs a LinkedIn revamp, we can help you! Contact our office to get started.