Why We Use GeneratePress for Your Business Website

Ever wonder what we use behind the scenes at Octane to make our websites sleek and fast? When we build a website, we use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). And now, when we build a website, we exclusively use the GeneratePress theme.

GeneratePress is a WordPress Theme. We moved to GeneratePress a few years ago for a few reasons:

It’s simple, lightweight and fast. 

Many WordPress themes try to do everything for everyone. This makes the themes too complex. They become difficult to modify and load too slowly. GeneratePress keeps it simple. The theme focuses on the most needed features. We love this because search engines take website performance into account. So, having a faster page load time can help with search engine rankings.


Because the theme is simple, we find we can do more with it. We can update the website look easily to match any brand or common layout.

Stable and reliable. 

We have never had a GeneratePress site break after WordPress, plugin or theme updates.


GeneratePress can use 3rd-party page builders, but it does not require them. It runs on any server that WordPress can run on. And it is compatible with most popular WordPress plug-ins, including WooCommerce (for eCommerce stores).

It works for our company priorities.

This theme follows current day best practices for website accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO).

Ready for your new website with GeneratePress?

There is one important consideration to keep in mind. Transitioning from one WordPress theme to another can be quite challenging. WordPress lacks a standardized method for storing settings and layouts across themes. Whenever you decide to switch themes, you generally have to start from scratch. Put simply, unless we’re building your website from the ground up, it’s recommended to stick with the theme your company is already using.

Think GeneratePress is right for your company website? Contact us to get started!