2024 the Year Your Small Business Implements an AI Strategy? 

It seems like everywhere you turn, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing. As you begin to research how AI can enhance your company’s performance, marketing and research, we have a list of a few do’s and don’ts.

Don’t Ignore AI.

We get it. The world of artificial intelligence is intimidating. Some are afraid of what it might be able. Others who just do not want to fool with another new technology. But, we think it is smart to start learning how AI can help your company grow. In fact, a survey by the US Chamber of Commerce says that almost ¼ of small businesses use AI. And the survey says those businesses report improved performance in marketing and communications!

Do find out what it can do.

As a small business owner, you are already an innovator. Looking at the technology will bring new ideas for how it can be used! For marketing, we find that it can help you gather your thoughts and brainstorm new ideas. It can help you to reach customers that you may have otherwise missed. It can help your advertising to be more targeted. And it can help your company understand your customers more.

Do make changes carefully.

The best way to monitor how AI is used in your company is to make a few small changes and see how they play out with your customer base. And, even though the technology is very intelligent, it still needs coaching from a true expert (You). Implementing small changes first allows you to be sure you can monitor the output AI is giving you.

Don’t rely solely on AI

AI will probably not be able to replace current positions in your company. Putting AI in the drivers seat of content creation can actually hurt your website. (See our post about the Google “Helpful Content” Update.) But, AI can be helpful tools for your employees, and you may find they are more efficient and productive!

Do check your website data.

Artificial Intelligence uses data that already exists about your company. So, if there are inaccuracies on your website, they could misrepresent your company to a customer. Check your website, search engines, and social pages for any errors that may need cleaning up.

Going down the AI road could be overwhelming. Contact us to discuss how we can help you implement new strategies for your small business.