End of the Year Checklist

As the year 2023 draws to a close, we think it is a great time to review your small business marketing strategies. So, we have put together an end-of the year checklist for you! Here are some things we think you should review, so you can head into 2024 with a stellar marketing strategy.

Review and reaffirm your goals and values.

We think that marketing starts with what is important to your organization. In order to be authentic to your customers, your company needs to be intentional. Take a look at your stated company goals, your marketing goals, and your company values. Does your public persona accurately portray who you truly are? And, did you meet any goals you can check off? What are your new goals for 2024?

Review your website for unhelpful content.

Google has made a major shift in how they favor website content. For a long time, marketers have striven for quantity, location and keywords. Because website hits were largely generated by these things. But, the newest algorithm is much more advanced and now focuses less on quantity and more on quality. If you have a lot of fluff on your website, it could be hurting you! Here is more detail about Google’s “Helpful Content” update and how it could affect your online traffic.

Brainstorm how AI can help your business.

It seems like everywhere you turn today, we hear artificial intelligence (AI) mentioned. For good reason, AI is a powerful tool and can be used in so many different and creative ways to help your company thrive. From helpful Chatbots on your website to helping brainstorm for new ideas, AI can probably improve something about your business! (Here’s what we think about one AI tool, ChatGPT.)

Take a birds-eye view of your social media presence. 

It is really easy to get in the weeds of negative reviews, social media posts, and direct messages with customers. Now is the time to review what your company looks like from far away. Ask friends and family to Google your business and tell you what they think. Grab some tea and scroll through your social pages all at one time. What is missing? What do you have too much of? Stumped? Check out this info on engaging your customers online. 

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