Should Your Small Business Focus on Identity Resolution? 

The personal touch has always been an effective way to market to customers. But building a relationship with customers is a little bit more difficult in a digital landscape. Identity resolution may help your company customize your marketing efforts to your costumers. 

Identity Resolution Explained

Your customer may cross paths with your company at multiple touchpoints. Cookies, which have become the most common tools for recognizing a customer by tracking a person’s movements online, are going to disappear as privacy laws are introduced. So, if a customer browses your product online, comments on a social media post, and then goes into a physical building — it can be difficult to recognize that each of those touchpoints are the same person.

How Artificial Intelligence Helps

In order to continue a more personal and continuous marketing experience, identity resolution programs using artificial intelligence are making the personal experience possible. Recognizing people through data is a huge task that AI can tackle. It can remove redundant information, integrate customer profiles that may be duplicates, and provide predictions about customer behavior based on previous interactions. 

The Benefits

It can be an extremely effective way to interact with a customer because it allows frequent customers to be rewarded, curious customers to be courted, and your product, service or message to be more visible across various platforms. And we know from most research that customers like it when your company remembers them! 

The Potential Downsides

Identity resolution does have some downsides. Data privacy laws will be continually revised and so if your company holds data about customers, it has to be vigilant about how it gathers it and how it protects the privacy of each customer. Another downside is misidentification. The technology can make mistakes and confuse similar identities. This can be upsetting to customers, especially if it feels discriminatory. (For example, confusing two people of the same race and gender with similar or identical names.) And it takes constant monitoring. Data points change at a rapid rate. Maintenance must be ongoing and accurate. 

Is your company looking for a way to implement identity resolution in your marketing strategy?