Meet Our Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist

Team Member Spotlight

The Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist of The Octane Agency, Tommy Redmond is a successful entrepreneur, bold story teller, and family man. He founded Octane Marketing Solutions in 2011.

The vision: Make digital marketing more accessible for small to medium-size businesses.

For 8 years, his goal has been to give businesses a great product that meets all of their marketing and advertising needs. So, he seeks to build long-term relationships, instead of the single-project mentality that dominates the market.

Tommy began his marketing adventure as an account representative for Yell Global in Atlanta. Many of his clients requested help navigating the new frontier of digital marketing. After several successful years, he decided he wanted to work more closely with these business owners and founded The Octane Agency.

It wasn’t always easy.

To avoid partnerships, investors and debt, Tommy patiently funded the company himself.  So, he pushed hard to build a client base that would allow him to get his company off the ground.

Now, we are thriving.

His competitive spirit and authenticity in businesses have helped him build a thriving company. A leader in the Atlanta market. An organization where client-firm relationships are based on trust. Now, many of Tommy’s original clients still work with Octane today.

And Tommy gets the chance to do what he really loves:

  • Tell compelling stories about small/medium companies…
  • See the excitement of an owner’s eyes when they talk about their company’s growth, product or service…
  • And help others achieve their goals.

Always ready for a challenge, Tommy has built two additional profitable companies, HUGE AD TV and Redmond Ventures (East Cobb SNOBS). His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? “Be committed to the process. It doesn’t happen overnight for most.”

Tommy is married to Chele, who also works with Octane. They have two amazing children, Trent (13) and Laynie (10).