Top 5 Ways to Market on Social Media Right Now

Social media marketing is constantly evolving as new technology emerges. So, here are five of the top social media trends companies should consider:

  1. Live Video

    Consumers are becoming more wary of content that seems staged and polished. Live video removes that element of staging. It connects directly with a potential customer.  And, it adds a sense authenticity that a polished, posted video cannot.

  2. Micro-Influencers

    In the past, companies hired YouTube sensations, reality TV stars, and sports celebrities to recommend their brands on social media. But now, they are seeking a more personal set of influencers. These micro-influencers are Instagram and Twitter users with around 10,000 followers or less. They have a more intimate relationship with their social media followers. This allows a company the chance to gain more trust with their followers.

  3. User Generated Content

    If people love what a company is selling and post about it on social media, they have reached the online advertising holy grail. There are many ways that a company can encourage customers to engage online, check out our recent blog about this.

  4. Social Listening

    There are many new tools that scrub social media for comments about products, companies and competitors. There are others that track online searches, social connections and location. These tools give advertisers the opportunity to provide a personal advertising experience to each person.

  5. Rapid Engagement

    Social media is a useful as a way for companies to connect directly with current and potential customers. Those that respond quickly to complaints, questions and public comments about their brand will create trust.

Sometimes, the social media landscape can feel like the Wild West for small to medium-sized businesses. We know you are busy building your company. Let Octane build your social media brand!