How Does Your Business Get Featured on Google Snippets?

One of the most powerful drivers of web page visitors is Google’s Featured Snippets. Featured snippets attempt to answer questions on the search page. Google highlights content from websites and users are able to find information without going to another web page.

Interestingly, even though Google is attempting to reduce clicks, featured snippets still drive customers to company websites. 

How do you get your business website featured on Google snippets? 

Google uses an algorithm, just like any other function. Here are some tips for how to create content Google can use:

Find out what your customers are asking.

The most important thing you can do as an online marketer is to know your customer. The better you understand what your customers want to know, the more likely you are to catch their organic searches online. Use question words, (who, what, when, where, why,) in your content and in your keywords. One way to find information is to go to use a search engine window. When you type in questions related to your business, the suggestion box drops down with additional related questions. 

Write content to answer those questions.

After you do your research, you will have lots of new ideas for website content. Featured snippets are informational. So, the more useful information you provide on your website, the more discoverable it will be. You can also include questions within your content, title and keywords. 

Always strive for high quality content.

Like all Google analytics, the featured snippet is determined based on usefulness to the searcher. Not to the business. So, that means that your content must be readable, entertaining and provide accurate information. 

But, we know that keeping your website fresh and useful is not easy. If you want to optimize your website for search engines, Octane can help you get started!