Improving Your Business SEO through Third-Party Reviews

Third-party reviews are an extremely powerful component to improving the online presence of your local business. Third-party review content and volume are big factors in SEO, or search engine optimization. Here are some ideas for how to improve your third-party review strategy:

Increase review volume.

Ask customers who interact with your company to write an online review. The more reviews you have and the more up-to-date they are, the more new customers will trust them. Send your customers messages requesting reviews. Include a QR code link on your sales receipt. And, make it standard practice for your employees to ask customers for reviews. 

Ask for a location mention.

You cannot dictate to a customer what they say, but you can ask them for specific information, such as the location of your store. Location is a powerful way to improve your business SEO.

Respond to all of your reviews, positive and negative. 

Especially to the negative reviews. That’s because it shows you’re actively involved in the customer experience. It also allows you to control the narrative. (More about that subject on our post: Should Your Business Engage with Negative Reviews?) Your response can also include some of the keywords from your business! That is a quick and easy way to improve the SEO on third-party review pages.

Avoid violating third-party guidelines.

For example, Google does not allow the following reviews: Reviews left by paid employees, reviews that customers are paid to post, fake reviews posted by business owners. They also forbid a business from discouraging or prohibiting negative reviews. Every platform will have some differing guidelines, so it is important to follow rules on the site your company is focusing on. 

Learn from your reviews.

Online reviews are one of the most powerful tools for improving your customer service and the products and/or services your business provides. We encourage businesses to read each review. And, even if they are flagrant or inaccurate, try to look for clues about what your customers are looking for in each one!

If you want to improve your online presence, through website and brand design, SEO, third-party reviews, and social media marketing, contact The Octane Agency!