Marketing Lessons We Learned in the Pandemic

As news about the COVID19 Delta variant continues to develop, there are many unknowns. But, after over a year of living with this virus among us, it is safe to say we have already learned a lot. As business owners, you might be understandably concerned about how this new wave will affect you and your employees. So, we would like to share four lessons we have already learned about post-2020 marketing. 

The pandemic sped up the move to online business

Online business was probably always going to be the way forward, but the pandemic sped up the process. Customers began depending on online grocery shopping or meeting with colleagues through video chat. Even as the world re-opened, it is clear that many of these new ways of doing business are here to stay. So, lesson number one is to move communication, purchase opportunities, and other business dealings online.

Take another look at your communication strategy

There are so many new and innovative ways for you to communicate with your customers. And as mentioned above, customers are now much more interested in online communication. We recommend you meet with anyone in your company that communicates with your customers to discuss how you can improve your online communication. There are so many new tools your company can use. At the very least, add texting, improve email strategies, update your social media, and give access to information about your company on multiple platforms. 

Focus on loyalty from existing customers

When there is uncertainty in the world, customers look for consistency. And they are more likely to return to your company if they have had great experiences in the past. That is why we think that great customer experiences are one of the best marketing tools you have. Positive interactions with your customers, both in-person and online, will continue to resonate. And, it helps to reward your loyal customers. Find ways to give returning customers discounts or benefits, so that they continue to be impressed by your business.

Invest in a specific social media ads

Social media ad algorithms are getting smarter by the nanosecond. And so, your investment into social media or search engine advertising will provide you with specific, targeted advertising that will reach the right people. 

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