Should Your Business Use Messaging Apps?

Social messaging apps are one of the most utilized tools on the web. According to Gartner, messaging will account for 60% of customer service engagements by 2023. Your small to midsize business can use this powerful tool to improve your customer service. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Choose a few platforms to focus on.

There are so many different apps to choose from.  But, we recommend selecting apps that streamline with your marketing strategy. Some of the apps connect to a specific social media platform such as Facebook and SnapChat. So, if you are already using one of  those platforms for marketing, utilize the direct messaging features on those apps. There are also messaging apps with special features, such as WhatsApp. This app allows for users to send messages internationally and in large groups. There are many others with special features that may align with your company’s online marketing goals. But, direct messaging will often require direct contact with the customer, so it is important to keep it simple, so you can respond to each one. 

Use chatbots.

In order to field the many basic inquiries you might get, we recommend employing a chatbot. Chatbots are conversational and preprogramed messages that can respond immediately. They give basic information about your company, answer questions that already exist on your website, and help triage customers to the right person within your company. Also, they provide immediate communication, even if you do not have an employee available to chat. 

Provide rapid customer service.

Messaging apps require consistency. Your organization should provide timely responses to messages that a chatbot cannot answer. That does not necessarily mean you have someone available 24/7, but that you are consistently checking and responding to messages. 

We know that expanding your reach online can be a big project. Octane is committed to helping small to midsize businesses fine tune their online marketing strategies. If you are ready to expand your customer service reach using direct messaging, contact us!