What marketing trends can your business expect for 2022? 

The past two years, 2020 and 2021, have completely reshaped the online marketplace. The global pandemic made people dependent on ecommerce much more quickly than most experts anticipated. But we are only now beginning to get a full picture of what those shifts in behavior mean for customers. Here are a few things we think will be important this year: 

More focus on Data and Analytics

More than ever, marketers are relying on information about customers. Knowing your customers habits, needs, desires and motivations is valuable.  And companies can use data for everything from branding to product development. With web and social media data, email feedback and simple surveys, information about customer behavior is available. Analytics can give a company insight about how to utilize this information to give customers the best possible experience.

Personalized Content

One of the benefits of data gathering is that marketers can offer customers a more personalized experience. And if you understand the interests and online behaviors of your target customers, you can create more targeted content for them. You can send personal emails that apply to customers in a certain location or specific demographic. Or, you can create a social media ad for your more loyal customers. This is the type of interaction that customers are beginning to expect from companies.

Compelling Stories

A good story is a great way to help someone connect with your brand. You can tell stories about your company, the adversity you face, the products you are working to develop, or the lives you are impacting through your services. The act of letting a customer know the inner workings of your brand creates loyalty that a great meme or advertisement cannot reproduce. 

Video Takes Over

Video is overtaking text and static photos in all aspects of the internet. For example, this includes searches, social media, and email. Users love video, especially target audiences in the 19-35 age range. Even though it’s more difficult to create video, the effort usually gives a company the edge. And a great return on investment. 

Combine all four of these concepts as you work on your company’s 2022 marketing goals. You will be astounded at the results. Octane can help your small to midsize business rework your marketing strategy for 2022. Let’s get started today!