Should Your Business Use Social Listening Software?

Social Listening is one of the most valuable marketing strategy tools for your business. If your Metro Atlanta business is not using social listening software, this information is for you. We will cover what it is, how to use it, and how to get it. 

What is Social Listening?

Social listening tracks different social media platforms for anything related to your business. The idea is to help you understand the general feeling people have about your business, your social media engagement and your brand. It focuses on the content of the comments and conversations about your company, instead of just the quantity of mentions, likes and comments. And it can give you an idea of how people feel about your market and your competitors.

How do you utilize the software?

Social Listening is a powerful tool to allow your company an inside look at what customers think about your brand. Because once you know what people are saying, how they are responding to your product, what they do/don’t like, then you can make important business and marketing decisions based on social media sentiment. 

Should you get it?

We think that social listening is vital to understanding how your business is playing out to your customer. Social listening…

  • Has a great return on investment, because you can find out a lot from what people are talking about online,
  • Helps you understand what your competitors are doing,
  • Gives you an idea of what people are looking for in your product or service,
  • Fuels new ideas of what customers are looking for,
  • Introduces you to new potential customers,
  • And it fosters and creates relationships within the marketplace.

So, if you are interested in expanding the social media strategy for your Metro Atlanta business, including monitoring and listening, contact us to get started.