Should Business Leaders Make Political Statements?

Does it seem like lately more and more companies are publicly taking sides in political debates? We think so too. Many business leaders have been weighing in on their political opinions in very public ways. And often, these public statements have both positive and negative reactions from the public. So, if you are a small business owner, should you make public statements about your political beliefs on your online business platforms? And if you do, are you concerned about how it will affect your company’s image?

Of course, this is a very personal decision. But, if you do desire to weigh in publicly – here’s what we think your company needs to consider before you take a political stance on social media.

What is your goal? 

Before you make a comment, it is important to decide what your ultimate goal is. Is it to change public opinion? Is it to show support for employees or customers? Is it to gain followers? Before you make public statements, it is a good idea to reflect on what you want to accomplish and if your comments will help you reach that goal.

Will the comments alienate you from your employees or customers? 

In very polarizing issues, your opinion can affect your company reputation. While it may give some people a positive view of your company; it can also alienate others. You may also consider your own employees. Will commenting on this issue make them feel supported?

Are you an expert? 

If you have special information, expertise in a certain field, or you are an authority on a subject, your personal opinion can have a meaningful effect on what people think on a subject. Especially if they have not decided what they think yet. 

If you decide a social media comment is not the right move, there are other ways for your company to be active in the political process without making public statements. For more guidance on how to manage the online reputation of your local business, contact us!