Is Direct Mail Marketing a Thing of the Past?

Marketing has made a major shift to online and social media strategies over the past decade. And for good reason — that is the way most people communicate and consume now. But tried and true methods like direct mail are still an effective way to reach people. Here is what we think you should think about if you are considering a direct mail campaign.


The most important factor to consider in any marketing initiative is who you are trying to reach. If your target market is in a specific area, or you have something valuable to send them on paper, like information or a coupon – mailing something can be an effective method. Other reasons mailers can work: if your targeted audience is not using the internet for business, or if you are focusing your efforts on a geographic area.


A tangible piece of paper in your customer’s hand helps promote brand recognition and engagement with your product or service. It also offers an opportunity to connect with a customer in a personal, direct way. You can also provide something valuable to your customers – discount codes, new information or an invitation to an event.


Because fewer companies are using direct mail, you can reach out to customers differently from your competition. There is less crowding in the mailbox than the email box now, so direct mail gives you the opportunity to stand out.


Consider combining your direct mail efforts with online and social media campaigns to maximize impact. Use QR codes or special online offers to integrate your mailing efforts with online. 

We help our clients use direct mail in conjunction with online and social media efforts. We usually recommend 8 1/2 by 11 cards because they are easier to notice in a stack of mail. And, because many of our clients run local businesses, we usually recommend “Every Door Direct Mail” or EDDM campaigns. That way a card is dropped in every mailbox along a specific route, instead of mailed to an address. These are more cost efficient.

If you are ready to create a high-quality marketing campaign, Octane can help.