Ready for Social Media?

If you’re running a business in Marietta, social media marketing goes beyond simply posting your latest discounts and offers on Facebook or Twitter. Productive social media marketing requires researching the exact demographics and locations that drive targeted prospects and sales to your business. Octane can help you do that. Anything less is wasted time and effort.


For social media marketing Marietta GA business owners call the Octane Agency

Get Better Search Visibility

Social media marketing also affects your search visibility. Yes, active social media marketing can boost your overall online exposure and improve your search engine rankings. Google, Bing and all the other major search engines measure your level of social engagement when determining search engine results. Not being on Facebook, Google+ Local and LinkedIn can actually have a negative effect on your search engine rankings. That’s not good.

Time to Take Action

If you’ve been neglecting social media, it’s really time to quit procrastinating and “get in the game.” Start getting more business with social media. Partner with The Octane Agency and optimize social media for your inbound marketing strategy. Let one of our social media consultants get your business up and running. Target the right audience every time. Attract new prospects. Make more sales. Close more business.

Put Octane to Work for You

And if you don’t have time to post content or don’t know what to post, let us handle it! We’ll create a content calendar so you know exactly what’s going to be posted, and when. Get detailed monthly reports so we can discuss ongoing strategy with you for a better return on your social media marketing investment.

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