Using Live Video to Attract Online Customers

Should your business use live video for marketing?

Live video is an emerging marketing trend that creates a powerful online connection between you and your customers. It feels authentic because it is often less polished and more unpredictable. So, it creates a sense of immediacy that cannot be found in pre-edited online videos.  

Sounds great, right?

Yes, but it can be a tough medium to get right. Whether you are using Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or a different medium, here are some ways that your business can maximize the use of live video:

Broadcast product launches or the latest company updates.

Let’s say your company is planning to release a new product. Or it is adding additional services. Live video is a great way to announce these developments. And this gives your loyal customers access to new information first, which is a great way to keep customers coming back.

Cover other special events.

If your company is having a special event, like a sale or a fundraiser for a local charity, live videos are a great way to show your customers at home what is going on. 

Schedule a time that customers get exclusive access to important people surrounding your company.

Scheduled events can be a fun way to give your customers direct access.  For example, a car repair shop might offer a weekly “Ask the Mechanic” hour.  This gives customers an opportunity to ask questions in real time or observe something you are working on.

Always plan ahead.

The most important part of live video is to preparation. Just because it is live, does not mean it should be  spontaneous. So, keep your company goals in mind as you write a script, prepare questions and answers, or set up the scenery for your live video.

Do you think live video would be a good fit for your company? Or, would you like to assess your overall marketing plan? Contact Octane. We can help you with your social media, website and email presence.