Is Your Business Ready for 2021 Marketing?

We are (finally) in the year 2021! The pandemic forced many people to begin doing business online last year. And that accelerated changes to the online marketing landscape. 

With all of these changes, is your business ready to market online in 2021? Let’s take a look at five things your marketing team should do this year.

Improve online services and processes

If any of your business moved online in 2020, by now you probably know about some hiccups. One of the most important aspects of online marketing is having user-friendly online tools. Websites, services and apps that are simple to navigate keep customers coming back.

Keep it local

Zero-click searches have made it harder for customers to stumble upon your business using search engines. That is because customers no longer have to arrive at a web page to get answers to many questions. So, it is important to focus on your local customers by using tools search engines provide to offer information about your business. Also, quickly respond to online reviews and customer queries. And, make sure your business information is accurate on all platforms. 

Personalize your interactions

If you run a local business, one of your strengths is probably making your customer service personal. You can still do this using online platforms. This means recommending newer products and services to your returning customers. Or, create social media groups for your most loyal customers. And, of course, be quick to respond to online inquiries. 

Manage your brand

Your company should be actively engaged in building positive associations with your brand. To do this, you must focus on customer awareness and loyalty, and your company’s reputation and value. Find out how in this previous journal entry. 

Utilize emerging technologies

Video and voice search continue to dominate growth in online usage. Brainstorm how your company can engage with your customers using these platforms. 

Is this the year your company boldly forges into the online marketplace? Or, could your branding and social media strategies use a boost? Octane Marketing Agency can help simplify this ever-changing arena.