How Brand Management Revolutionizes Your Company Image

One of the most important aspects of online marketing is brand management.

Brand Management is building positive associations with your brand.

Companies with a profitable online presence are intentional about their branding. The four main aspects of brand management are awareness, reputation, value and loyalty.


The very first marketing goal for your company must be building brand awareness. Customers need to know your company exists. And how it can meet their needs. For instance, here are some things you can do to build brand awareness online:

Creating a smart logo. Making your website intuitive and useful.  Using social media to add value to your product. And, publishing attractive and effective advertisements. 


Next, what does the public think about your company? This is going to be largely based on customer experience. So, does your service or product meet or exceed expectations? And, do your customers recommend you to others? For example, your company’s reputation can be managed online by encouraging your satisfied customers to write reviews on social media and ratings sites. Also, build reputation by optimizing what customers see when they use a search engine.  


Does the customer think your company is worth buying from or hiring? Is the product or service you offer worth what you are asking for it? Also, is your customer willing to pay more because they know your product or service is better quality? This could be based on your reputation for good customer service. Or, knowledge that your product will last a long time. Leveraging your positive online reviews is a great way to increase value perception.  


Does the customer use your business more than once? Loyalty can be cultivated by fostering an online presence that accurately represents your company’s core values. And, this can be fostered by various customer retention strategies we discuss in this post.

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