Is Your Business Ready for 2021 Marketing?

We are (finally) in the year 2021! The pandemic forced many people to begin doing business online last year. And that accelerated changes to the online marketing landscape.  With all of these changes, is your business ready to market online in 2021? Let’s take a look at five things your marketing team should do this … Read more

InfiniteWP – How to add and backup

InfiniteWP is a self hosted open source WordPress management tool. It allows you to access your WordPress sites through one interface allowing you to backup, restore, and update your WordPress version, plugins, and themes. This is as of version: Prerequisites : You must already have infinite-wp installed onto your server to complete the following steps. … Read more

Facebook image sharing problems?

Recently we have had a lot of customers asking us how to fix the Facebook sharing image. When a business owner shares their new site on Facebook, sometimes the image that gets tied to the link, does not show the correct image or just shows the first image that appears on the page. We have … Read more