Consumer Attention (Part 2)

Every advertiser on the planet wants to get customers’ attention. If you are a small business, how do you compete?

In February, we wrote about tracking attention using technology. We discussed what new technology tell us about keeping a customer’s attention online. While you may not have access to this new technology, you can still successfully interact with your customers online. Here’s how.

Make Personal Connections

Your small business has an advantage. You can cultivate a more personal, interactive relationship with your customers. This is your superpower! By being small, you can build community and great relationships with your customers directly. You can cater your advertising, marketing, and networking to work best for your base. You probably already know what type of interaction your community needs. One way to do this easily: Respond to comments and posts online. 

Have Fun and Be Creative

Positive engagement with customers comes from interesting and fun ideas. Don’t be afraid to show your personality. If you love Cat Memes, let it show! Find ways to involve your customers with interactive posts on your socials and website. If you are a renovation company, why not ask your customer base to post “Builder Grades Gone Wrong.”  Share a few of your favorite finds over time; the staircase to nowhere, the door that doesn’t open the right way, trash in the walls. Your customers are likely to find some crazy ones as well! And, when they do post, comment! 


Analytics and data help you understand whether you are shouting into the void or conversing with a captive audience. Continue to monitor responses to social media posts, analytics on webpage views, and clicks in emails to understand the reach of your marketing strategies and ideas. 

To love your product, to enjoy interacting with your customers, to have fun and be personable, to track your success – aren’t these the eternal tenets of great marketing? And, even with layers upon layers of technology, doesn’t this still hold true? You do not necessarily need the latest technology to make your online presence enjoyable. 

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