How Will 2023 Change Marketing for Your Small Business?

Happy New Year from The Octane Agency! We love kicking off the year with our predictions in Digital Marketing. The evolution of the digital space has been changing at an ever-increasing pace. Here are a few things we think you will be seeing in 2023.

Creators Marketplace use skyrockets

If your business wants to interact on social media, Creators Marketplaces allow businesses to discover social media creators that work with companies to create content. It’s a partnership of people who know how to best utilize spaces like TikTok or Instagram and the businesses that are hoping to reach new users. Many of these creators have already cultivated a following, so businesses that hire them have access to a new audience almost immediately. As businesses look to shift their marketing resources, we think 2023 will be a big year for growth in this marketing method.

Experiential Search Experiences

Internet searches are no longer just typing text and reading articles. Visual and verbal searches are becoming more sophisticated and useful. As search methods improve, businesses must continue to improve their own web and social media presence and content to ensure that potential customers find them. Here are some tips for how to improve for visual search

Smart Marketing for the Economic times

The slowing economy means marketing changes too. We expect that this will be a big year of reflection and refocus for many companies. Here are some marketing tips for your small business during an economic downturn. 

Analytics Shifts

As privacy laws shift around the globe, data and analytics information is going to change dramatically. The data many advertisers and marketers have gained about customers and app users is going to change. This includes Google’s big shift from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. 

Super Apps

A super app is an app that combines lots of different services into one login. So, instead of using Uber for a ride, Instacart for groceries, and WhatsApp to communicate, these “super apps” have the capability to do all of those things under one login. Super apps are growing in popularity overseas, and we expect to see some big ones developed here in the United States. If you already gain business using an app, it will be something we recommend you watch for in 2023.

The digital marketplace is changing fast! Let us help your business get up to speed in 2023.  Contact us to get started!