Should Your Small Business Learn about Generation Z?

Generation Z is the newest generation entering the consumer market. And if you own a small business, you might already know that it pays to get to know them! Not only do they have growing buying power and interest in new products, but they are also great at influencing what their parents purchase.  So here’s what we know about the generation. 

How old are they?

Gen Z, also called Zoomers, are people born roughly between 1997 and 2012. They are mostly the children of Generation X and older Millennials. So, right now, this generation spans from 10 years-old to mid-twenties. 

What unites them?

Zoomers are fluent speakers of all things digital. They did not know a time before computers, cell phones and the internet. So most of them are great at using these tools. And they are great at researching and finding out information.  

What motivates them? 

There is an understanding that Generation X was a group focused on status. Millennials are more interested in authentic experiences. Generation Z is most focused on finding out what is true. They love to seek and find the truth through research and cross-referencing. 

How do you connect with Gen Z? Here are three tips.

  1. Be sure you are using social media appropriately. Don’t blast the same message across all channels but understand how each social media channel is used. For example, you might use TikTok to participate in a trending conversation. Instagram, on the other hand, is more useful for inspiring and visual content.
  2. Be real, transparent and joyful. Gen Z is attuned to messaging that comes across as pandering and insincere. They crave interaction with companies they can trust. But they also seek companies that have fun. Don’t be afraid to post unpolished videos on TikTok or bloopers in your Facebook stories. 
  3. Interact and invite participation. If you really want to reach Gen Z, invite them to work with you. This generation is the most highly-educated, digitally-fluent group of people in history. So, ask them what they think. Let them interact with your company organically. (Or, you might just need to hire one!)

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