On Social Media, Authenticity is Key

We all know marketing and advertising are making a rapid shift to the world of social media. That gives consumers more access to information than ever.  There is one thing that consumers using social media prize more than anything else — authenticity. A recent survey shows that 86% of consumers say authenticity is important when find a brand they like. They are looking for brands they can trust.

Consumers Know The Difference

It means that consumers can tell the difference between social media content that a company generates and content that a real consumer creates. And who do you think they are more likely to listen to?

Yep. The consumer.

UGC: The Holy Grail

Most marketing experts agree that User Generated Content, or UGC, is the holy grail of social media marketing. UGC happens when a consumer voluntarily posts a picture, video or description on social media praising, displaying or talking about a product they use.

It makes sense, right? This is essentially the “word-of-mouth” method of the Millennial dominated online marketplace.

Businesses Can Engage

UGC is an amazing opportunity for businesses. That is because consumers who post about products are enthusiastic about the product. They also usually like to be recognized. A business can ask to re-post a photo or video from a real customer.  This is a great chance to interact with customers and share authentic positive experiences with their product or service with other potential customers.

It can also foster a community online between customers who share a passion for a product or service. It gives them the opportunity to interact, comment and share content with other like-minded consumers.

Businesses do not have to wait for authentic content to be created. Octane can help your business build a social media strategy that creates opportunities to engage with your current and future customers.