Introducing Our Social Media Manager

She is Facebook-savvy and absolutely hilarious… This month, we introduce you to Social Media Manager for The Octane Agency, Robin Moody.

Robin eats, lives and breathes on social media and she admits, she loves it! She believes that enjoying the platform helps her connect with the people that use it. She manages Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In for all Octane clients. Her main goal is to create and post content that will engage the clients’ followers. She says posts should inform and teach most of the time, “If you sound “salesy,” people will eventually ignore you.” Her ultimate goal is to make social media accounts that are professional and worth following.

One of Robin’s favorite aspects of her job is sharing the personal side to her clients. She loves seeing the response from customers when she posts about an office worker’s birthday or a technician’s story.

Robin started working with Octane in the agency’s early days, in 2012. In addition to social media, she has also helped the company with blog writing and SEO. One of the things she loves about the agency, “We have respect for each other and let each other expand in our own lanes.”

Prior to her career at Octane, Robin worked in film, human resources, taxes, payroll and event coordinating. “The only job I haven’t done is street marketing.” And she jokes at the Octane team meetings that she would like the opportunity, “You know what this client truly needs? Me… in a Chicken Suit!”

Did we mention she performs “improv” comedy in her spare time? She also enjoys serving the elderly. But, she considers her greatest accomplishments to be her four children and her commitment to her faith.

Oh, and Robin has one request. “If everyone could please email Tommy at The Octane Agency and tell him Robin is still waiting on her chicken suit.”

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