Adapting Your Marketing Strategy after COVID-19

Digital marketing is a rapidly changing industry. And because people have been forced to operate in the digital world during the COVID-19 pandemic, this transformation has accelerated rapidly.

Why is online marketing changing so quickly?

Because more and more of us are working, shopping and educating using online platforms.  Advertisers realize they must reach us there.

And so, the marketplace is getting more crowded and more advanced. Competition is speeding up change.

This might be an overwhelming prospect for your small business. We recognize that so many businesses must adapt in countless ways for their in-person operations to survive and keep people safe.

So, here are three things you can start to do now to keep people engaged with your business:

1. Add value.

The best way to look at your online presence is to consider it part of your product. Your customers should feel like your social media, website and video content improve their experience with your product or service. That could be through allowing reviews, offering “hacks” for your products or just creating a new way for your customers to interact with your amazing customer service team.

2. Improve user experience.

Ask a friend (or better yet, your kid) to check out your website. What do they think? Is it easy to use? Do they like what they see? Can they find the most important information about your business? If the answer is no, it is time to make adjustments. This does not mean you need an entirely new website. It means it is time to examine how you can make it better.

3. Be real.

Authenticity can often be lost when you are trying to create a great product, image and online presence. But, online users are savvy about online marketing. You can read more about authenticity here.

We understand that operating a business post-COVID is presenting new and difficult challenges for small businesses. The Octane Agency can help your online presence add value, improve user experience, and advertise authentically.