Online User Communities and Your Business

Online user communities are a great way to foster customer loyalty.

What is a user community?

A social media group that is created around a business.

So users can share information about a product. And customers become part of a community loyal to a specific business. Also, businesses can share content and interact with customers.

Here are some ideas for how to make a successful online user community:

1. Create content that adds value

A great user community enriches the consumer experience. And, it gives a customer a chance to interact with other like-minded customers. Or, it gives information and tips that improve use of your product or service.

Example: Recteq Grills. This is a Georgia company that makes grills and accessories. They have on-staff grill-masters that post daily instructional videos.

2. Engage your passionate fans

Find ways to encourage involvement with people who have great experiences with your company. In turn, these passionate customers will engage by liking, commenting and sharing content from your page.

3. Encourage users to generate content

If memebers of this community can interact with each other, then they are more likely to help your community will thrive.

Example: Coca-Cola’s #shareacoke campaign. They put common names on bottles and asked them to share photos on social media. It is still one of the most successful customer generated experiences.

4. Curate, don’t censor

There is some debate about how much a company should be involved with negative online feedback. But an authentic user experience is very important. That means you will need to allow some organic participation. But, how much will probably depend on your particular business.

Building an online community is no small task. But Octane can help you get started, contact us at this link.