COVID-19 and Your Online Marketing Strategy

Our world is changing rapidly because of the current global pandemic. And, that means your business has probably shifted as well.

This is a great time to take a look at your online presence and be sure that you are exceeding the expectations of your current and potential customers.

Here are four things you should reconsider because of COVID-19:

  1. Keep customers up to date about changes in your operation. It is safe to assume that every business has made some shifts the past few months. Keep your client base informed about your changes by adding an alert banner to your website and posting regular updates on social media. This includes operation hours, cleaning policies and face-to-face protections.
  2. Stay connected with your customers.  Even if you have had to slow down or halt operations, this is a great time to strengthen your online connection. Your business can be a positive force amidst uncertainty. This is a chance to connect to your customer base in a new way.
  3. Be real and empathetic. Authenticity is always key online. Customers are savvy and know when you are trying to take advantage of them. Because this is a difficult time for many people, be sure that you are understanding and thoughtful in your online communication.
  4. Be flexible and creative. This pandemic could shift how we do business forever. How can your company innovate to maintain a great experience for your customers, even if you cannot work with them face-to-face? Be sure to share how you are shifting with your customers through your website and social media.

A good online presence for your business is more important than ever. Companies that are thriving have a strong social media presence, a well-designed website and consistent communication. Do you need help communicating with your customers online? Contact us.