What are the Image Sizes for Parler?

By Octane on Wednesday, November, 11th, 2020 in Social Media. No Comments

Parler Social Media Sizes and Dimensions A very fast-growing new social media platform is Parler. Within days it’s size has exploded. Here at the Octane Marketing Agency, we’ve put together a list of image sizes for Parler because we couldn’t find them ourselves. So we spent 30 minutes uploading images until we figured it out! […]

Using Live Video to Attract Online Customers

By Grace on Monday, November, 2nd, 2020 in Octane Blog. No Comments

Should your business use live video for marketing? Live video is an emerging marketing trend that creates a powerful online connection between you and your customers. It feels authentic because it is often less polished and more unpredictable. So, it creates a sense of immediacy that cannot be found in pre-edited online videos.   Sounds great, […]

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